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SKYACTIV-G Forged Low Compression Piston and Rod Set

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A must for any high power boosted 2.0 SkyActiv! BBR has teamed up with a leading European piston and connecting rod manufacturer, we are proud to offer a direct replacement forged connecting rod and piston set. Our connecting rods big ends are supplied and fitted with high quality ARP fasteners, forged from En24 steel, heat treated and then shot peened for a higher fatigue strength. Small ends are bushed for the standard SkyActiv fully floating gudgeon pin. Forged SkyActivc connecting rods BBR forged SkyActiv-G connecting rods Our T6 forged pistons (available for a standard bore and +0.5mm) have a reduced compression ratio of 11.5:1, and come with a PTFE coating on the piston skirts. Piston rings and gudgeon pins (standard SkyActiv size) are included. BBR SkyActiv forged piston BBR SkyActiv forged pistons