Your vehicle’s performance and economy is currently restricted by the manufacture for a number of reasons

Manufactures allow for the worst grade of fuels being used and vehicles going many miles without servicing. In addition to this manufactures limit your engines performance for a lower insurance group. More power equals a higher insurance group; this means many engines are actually detuned by the factory. With newer cars, the ‘company car Tax rating’ is another reason for further detuning your engine. If your vehicle is well maintained and serviced on a regular bases we can put back the extra performance and economy your vehicle should have had from new!

We can improve the performance of most modern petrol, petrol turbo and turbo diesel engines. With a BBR StarChip you will find more power through out the rev range, a smoother more progressive power delivery, greatly improved throttle response and due to the fact that your engine will now be working more efficiently, more MPG!

How the StarChip works

Your vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) calculates and monitors control functions such as ignition timing, fuelling, boost pressure and even the torque output on later ECU’s! StarChip software is programmed to enhance and adjust the timing, fuelling, boost pressure and torque limiting maps to optimise your vehicles performance!

For any particular vehicle, we can reprogramme the information held within your vehicles ecu with new StarChip software, optimising and improving power output and most importantly fuel economy.


StarChip is the product of over three decades of continual development and exhaustive testing. De-tuned production engines are made to work more efficiently, tapping hidden reserves of power which exist within them all. As technicians and engineers, we meticulously reprogramme the electronics testing again and again in our workshops and on the road until we are completely satisfied with the results. Software contained within the ECU, is optimised through both exhaustive Dyno and on road testing.

The StarChip range has taken many years to evolve and refine, resulting in a fully developed product that is totally suited to the vehicle. Star chip’s are designed to improve the driveability of the vehicles without destroying reliability or other desirable characteristics such as efficient fuel usage, stable idle, servicing specifications etc. Re-mapping takes place throughout the range so that improvements are evident, even on partial throttle openings