About BBR GTi


Our History

When David Brodie embarked upon a successful saloon car racing career in the 1970’s with the famous ‘Run Baby Run’ BDA engined Mk1 Ford Escort, little did he realise that the legacy would be the Brackley based business that still embodies many of the lessons learnt nearly half a century ago and still bears witness to his name (BBR = ‘Brodie Brittain Racing.’)

Back then Brodie’s black and gold Escort stood out from the race car crowd thanks to its awesome performance, fastidious preparation and original engineering solutions based not on theory, or trend, but on the stop watch and dyno sheet.

Over the next five decades BBR GTi Ltd used its race-bred expertise to deliver market defining engine, electronic and chassis performance upgrades for a wide range of popular modern petrol and diesel road cars, including developing the world’s most successful (and officially sanctioned) Mazda MX-5 turbocharger conversion, the fastest road legal R53 MINI Cooper S and numerous rapid Ford Sierra Cosworth’s, Focus ST’s and latterly Focus RS enhancements.


What we do

Today’s enthusiasts can benefit from our policy of creating exclusive components developed to exacting standards using our advanced 4WD in-house chassis dynomometer, as well as road or circuit testing (where appropriate.)

In addition, BBR GTi’s decades of automotive mechanical and electronics experience means it is able to exploit the increasing complexity of modern road car electronics to enhance petrol and diesel engine performance via its range of StarChip ECU remaps. These are proven to deliver remarkable power gains in a reliable, usable manner, whilst respecting engineering limits and pre-programmed fail safes and are available across a wide range of popular models.

Crucially our team combines this electronics experience with its mechanical abilities when developing complete tuning packages, creating a cohesive understanding of the dynamic requirements driver’s desire, enabling the firm to maximise results to suit your individual requirements and budgets. So whether you require a complete 270bhp turbocharger conversion on an Mazda MX-5, a suspension kit for a Ford Focus ST 225, or you represent an OEM importer which aspires to create a ‘halo’ performance model BBR GTi Ltd’s track record is unparalleled.