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MX-5 NC TEIN Flex Z Damper Kit

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Tein Flex Z Coilover Kit

The Tein Flex Z Coilovers offer an affordable coilover kit for street use. Adjustable damping technology gives you complete control of handling characteristics. Simply fit and tune the ride height and damping to your liking. The Tein Flex Z features a sealed damper, drastically shortening production time and reducing costs without compromising on ride quality.

Utilising a thread-type ride height adjustment, the Tein Flex Z coilovers can be easily adjusted from off-roader to stanced-out. The twin-tube damper provides a longer stroke to deliver optimum ride comfort. Thanks to the twin-tube system, bumps and gaps are smoothed out without compromising on stability at speed. Pillowball top mounts are included with the Tein Flex Z coilover kit to further improve handling capabilities.

Each coilover kit is fitted with Tein’s No-sag springs. The cold formed SAE9254 steel is extremely sag-proof, maintaining your carefully tuned ride height. Tein’s high-performance damper oil is formulated to maintain optimum viscosity across a wide temperature range, ensuring smooth and reliable damping. Anti-foaming properties increase resistance to cavitation, reducing heat buildup to keep the damper working effectively in sporting driving conditions.

The Flex Z damper is replaceable, future-proofing your setup. Superior corrosion resistance is provided through a patented two-layer powdercoating process. Furthermore, Tein’s unique ZT coating keeps ride height adjustment threads moving smoothly for years to come.

Spring Rate (Kg/mm) Ride Height Drop (mm)
Front Rear Front Rear
7.0 5.0 +13 to -58 -24 to -67