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EcuTek's ProEcu from BBR

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EcuTek's ProECU Programming Kit is used by BBR to enable the remote remapping (reprogramming) and logging of Mazda vehicles. The ProECU Kit includes all the necessary hardware and software to use with BBR developed Mazda MX5 and MPS StarChip ECU remaps (which can be purchased for additional cost from BBR.) The ProECU Programming Kit includes EcuTek's ProECU programming and data logging software which can be used with any Mazda MX5 NC/ND model or Mazda 2.3 DISI turbo models such as the MPS/Mazdaspeed 3 and 6, or CX7. Mazda 2.0 and 2.2 diesel platforms are also in the final stages of development. The kit's most impressive feature allows BBR to remotely tune its client's vehicles, meaning that BBR supplied ROM files can be programmed directly into our client's cars. This is particularly useful for custom mapping work, where if any fine tuning is required, the ProECU software suite can data log the car's behaviour and then those logs can be sent to BBR assisting us with the tuning process. The ProECU programming kit can also be used for diagnostics and data logging. It also doubles as a powerful tool that will allow users to fault find and clear fault codes on their vehicle, potentially saving them costly and inconvenient visits to a Mazda dealer. ProECU Hardware is not locked to a single vehicle and with further supplied BBR files it can be used to tune, log and diagnose multiple Mazda cars. ProEcu only purchase includes all data logging and fault diagnostic functions, an appropriate STD file for your vehicle is supplied by BBR to facilitate these functions. The ProEcu will not allow any ECU programming without a further purchase of either modified or standard files from BBR. The ProECU Programming Kit does NOT allow ROM file viewing or editing. It is a data logging and programming tool only. Please supply full details of your vehicle (model, model year, engine type).