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BBR StarChip Software Update

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BBR Starchip Update

You've got the hardware, we've the software!




BBR is proud to offer solutions for remapping previously remaped vehicles by third parties utilising their existing purchased hardware.

We are increasingly seeing dissatisfied customers from other companies who have purchased remapping software/hardware and are unhappy with the results. This product listing is specifically for Mazda vehicles (including SkyActiv engines) previously tuned and licensed with either EcuTek or MazdaEdit software.

Our ECU remap/ROM file includes:

i) BBR StarChip – A thoroughly developed and tested ECU remap from BBR custom mapped to your vehicle. Countless hours of  dyno, road, track testing and endurance race testing, have gone into our software. Our software is second to none for Mazda MX-5 (NC & ND), 3 & 6 (including MPS) and SkyActiv models ensuring you the best possible map for your ECU . We promise you a tune where cam, ignition timing as well as fueling (AFR's) have been optimised throughout the entire rev range, delivering the optimum safe performance gains. We will deliver a far more willing, eager and exciting car to drive.


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