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BBR Stage One Mazda MX-5 NC (2005-2015) Supercharger upgrade

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1.8/2.0-litre NC models only (2.5 available soon)  +89bhp & 66lb.ft - 5.3s 0-60


The ultimate supercharged package for the MX-5 NC - Please visit our Supercharged MX-5 site for full details:

Road and track proven over eight years the BBR supercharged conversion is based upon the Rotrex C30-94 Centrifugal design with superior efficiency, silent operation and self contained oiling system, combined with it’s unique patented traction drive technology it offers the smoothest linear power delivery. The supercharger supplies airflow of up to 0.39kg/s reaching impeller speeds of up to 100,000RPM combining small size with exceptional performance & durability. The BBR Supercharger kit's true strength lies in exploiting the exceptional balance and poise the chassis has from the factory. Retaining the car's OEM smooth, linear power delivery characteristics, with no spikes in torque are in keeping with the MX5's character.

By using the original manifold back exhaust system the BBR Stage One Mazda MX-5 MK3/3.5/3.75 supercharger conversion produces a discrete, quiet performance.

The technical specification of the BBR Stage One Mazda MX-5 2005-2015 MX-5 Supercharger upgrade includes:- 

  • C30-94 Rotrex Supercharger
  • Rotrex Oil reservoir
  • BBR Oil Cooler
  • BBR High Quality Anodised CNC Rotrex brackets
  • BBR High Quailty Anodised CNC Tensioner brackets
  • Supercharger and revised ancillary belt
  • BBR 250BHP intake restrictor
  • BBR CAIS - Cold Air intake system with serviceable air filter
  • BBR Front mounted intercooler
  • BBR branded Intercooler silicone hoses
  • BBR Mandrel Bent intercooler pipe work
  • BBR Branded Breather hoses
  • Bosch EV14 BBR spec Injectors
  • BBR / Bosch MAP / Temperature sensor
  • BBR Recirculating piston type dump valve in factory black finish
  • BBR Starchip EcuTek calibration software with driver switchable modes (MK3.5 and later models only)
  • Optional hardware only and BBR Software/EcuTek programming cable choices for DIY clients

* An aftermarket sports manifold is required BBR 4-1 manifold advised.

The BBR Stage One supercharged conversion is available now for all 1.8 and 2.0-litre 2005-2015 MX-5 (NC) models at a cost of £4995* on a fully fitted ‘drive-in, drive-out’ basis from BBR. The DIY version, intended for export and competent mechanics, is also available as hardware only £4095, including comprehensive instructions and technical support, or including BBR software with either EcuTek ProEcu or ECU Connect programming cables stating at £4590. The BBR Stage One supercharged conversion carries a 12 month warranty.
*Standard vehicles will require EcuTek tuning licence.

Eight years on and BBR is proud to still uphold it’s buy back offer:

Owners of BBR upgraded MX-5’s can also enjoy a unique ‘BBR buy back’ offer. We will offer the full current trade price for any 2005-2015 Mazda MX-5, plus 50% of the price of the BBR supercharger conversion, providing that the rest of the car is standard or further BBR modified specification.

Note: Please see the BBR Stage Two conversion for further power gains.

All quoted prices exclude VAT.

Please note that it will take up to 4 weeks to dispatch goods depending on workload.