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BBR MX-5 ND StarChip - EcuTek ProECU / ECU Connect

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(1.5-litre ND model) + 20bhp & + 14lb.ft


(2.0-litre ND model) + 17bhp & + 10lb.ft






BBR StarChip with EcuTek's ProECU MX-5 Programming Kit or new Ecu Connect – customers can now elect to reprogram their own MX-5 using BBR's EcuTek ProECU programming kit. The kit is supplied as a package, which includes all the necessary software and hardware to enable DIY upload (ROM flash) of BBR developed Mazda MX-5 ND StarChip ECU remaps. The ProECU programming kit can also be used for diagnostics and data logging. It is a powerful tool that allows users to fault find and clear fault codes on their MX-5, saving them costly and inconvenient visits to Mazda dealers. The hardware is not locked to a single vehicle and with additional BBR files it can be used to tune, log and diagnose multiple cars. This package includes your original standard MX-5 ECU file (ROM) in the unlikely event that you wish to return your vehicle to stock trim.

New Ecu Connect optionECU Connect Programming Kit functions in exactly the same way as the ProECU programming kit enabling users to flash in a BBR tuned file. In addition, it also provides the additional features of ECU Connect when combined with the free ECU Connect app.

Priced starting at just £445+VAT saving £100 compared to when purchased separately. We will refund £100 should customers choose to return hardware in good unmarked condition once BBR's StarChip has been installed.



BBR StarChip – the thoroughly developed and tested ECU remap from BBR. Remapping the current Mazda SkyActiv engine for more than twelve months, we are the first company in the UK to remap the SkyActiv engine and the ND MX-5.  Countless hours of  dyno, road, and track testing, and more recently, endurance race testing, have gone into the BBR MX-5 ND StarChip. The torque graph produced with BBR's remap is visibly smother than stock for both 1.5 and 2.0 variants, showing increases in power throughout the entire rev range. Cam and ignition timing as well as fueling (AFR's) have been optimised throughout the entire rev range, delivering optimum safe performance gains. Throttle response is greatly improved, making the MX-5 a far more willing, eager and exciting car to drive. Equipped with BBR's new fuel map, the car is more economical than standard when driven in a 'like for like' manner.

Priced at just £495+VAT including installation and before/after dyno testing at BBR’s Brackley premises.