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BBR MX-5 NC Individual Throttle Bodies - Duratec 2.0 & 1.8

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As used in the BBR Super 225 conversion a bespoke set of individual throttle bodies designed by BBR is available as a hardware only product in isolation.

Key features:

  • Bespoke, exclusive Drive By Wire (DBW) billet 45mm DCOE Independent Throttle Bodies (ITB’s) for optimised induction efficiency
  • Staggered tuned length open trumpets to maximise mid-range torque (optional BBR foam air filter available for road use)
  • Innovative MAF sensor/plenum less set up using OEM Mazda ECU to retain factory electronic safety features, MOT emissions compliance and standard idle characteristics 
  • Zero body/chassis modifications required and fully compatible with the OEM strut brace on Sport/Sport-tech models - 100% reversible to standard if required
  • Compatible with both LHD & RHD vehicles
  • Motorsport Aftermarket ECU central cable pull option (non DBW) available with TPS sensor for just £1295+VAT

Specifically designed to fit the MX-5 NC with unique BBR staggered and curved extensions, the throttle body trumpets clear both the bulkhead and power steering pump requiring no body or further mechanical alterations. Plug and play with the OEM throttle body connector (loom requires extension) and MAP sensor. Vacuum hose and fittings provided to connect to the OEM brake servo, breather and purge valve.

Proven gains of 20BHP plus over the OEM intake manifold on mildly tuned 2.0 MX-5 engines (standard internals). Our ITB's are a no compromise intake system which boast dyno tuned lengths and a curved form factor to avoid any bodywork alterations, while delivering maximum possible brake horsepower at an engine safe 7500-7800rpm with peak torque as low as 4000RPM!

BBR's throttle bodies include:

  • Drive by wire controlled direct to head billet 45mm DCOE throttle body assemblies
  • Bespoke BBR aluminium ram pipe support/backing plate (carbon-fibre option available)
  • Bespoke BBR DBW system – complete OEM ECU integration
  • Bespoke BBR air rail for MAP and servo feed
  • Alloy inlet ram pipe curved extensions
  • CNC machined 20mm alloy inlet ram pipes - black and silver anodised for OEM style discrete appearance
  • Optional BBR foam air filter available

BBR's intake hardware is compatible with all 1.8 / 2.0 litre NC Mazda MX-5 (Miata) models and aftermarket converted cars using 2.3/2.5-litre motors.

Please contact us for mapping options.