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BBR High Performance SkyActiv Camshaft Set

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Exclusive to BBR and as used in our sensational ‘Super 200’ MX-5 ND upgrade, these camshaft profiles are the result of extensive development by BBR and manufactured by one of Europe’s leading high performance valvetrain specialists.

As a consequence diligent testing by BBR has resulted in a pair of camshaft profiles with unique lift and timing specifications that are a direct replacement for the standard Mazda items (valve springs and retainers required and included).

BBR’s SkyActiv Super 200 camshaft profiles deliver strong gains from just 3000 rpm upwards and with a suitable ECU remap and no further modifications on the MX-5 ND 195BHP is achievable.

The maximum valve lift is 10.75mm inlet and 9.75mm exhaust, the full range of mechanical camshaft (VVT) can be used whilst maintaining a safe valve to piston clearance of 1.5mm (1.6mm standard).

Our SkyActiv camshaft package includes inlet and exhaust replacement steel billet camshafts along with bespoke valve springs and retainers.

Replacement retainers are no longer required due to custom manufactured conical springs which are now provided.