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BBR '350' - Mk2 Mazda 3 / Mazda 6 MPS

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(2.3-litre DSi Turbo Engine models only) 




BBR Mk2 Mazda 3 / 6 MPS Phase Three ‘350’ Conversion:

Aimed specifically for Mazda MPS fans seeking 350 BHP plus, BBR offers two turbocharger upgrade options in addition to its Phase 2 conversion. As part of these more radical enhancements, and as a further option the standard Mazda top mount intercooler can also be replaced with a BBR designed front mount intercooler that greatly improves cooling efficiency and air flow whilst removing the inherent heat soak of a top mount intercooler POA.

BBR Turbo option one – £2340 + VAT 

The standard turbo charger is removed and replaced with BBR fully overhauled unit, replacing all bearings and seals, high flow compressor wheel, CNC re-profiled compressor cover, Billet motorsport 360 thrust bearing and thrust washers, solid billet cutback turbine wheel, Core balanced to motorsport spec. Standard turbo spool characteristics are maintained a good option for power outputs of up to 350 bhp.

BBR Turbo option two – £3340 + VAT  Specifically for those looking for 350 bhp plus, the standard turbo charger is removed and replaced with Garret hybrid GT28 turbo charger. With this unit turbo spool at lower engine speeds is slightly sacrificed for a much stronger top end performance. 400 bhp is possible with this turbo charger and supporting engine modifications.

Fitting for either of the above options will be an additional £624 + VAT


BBR Mk2 Mazda 3 MPS Performance Spring set

In order to compliment BBR’s range of engine upgrades for the Mk2 3 MPS, BBR has developed its own suspension upgrades designed to improve the Mazda’s chassis dynamics both on road and track. Careful development and testing by BBR has resulted in a set of performance springs which are designed to work with the car’s existing standard dampers, or BBR’s adjustable dampers for a more comfortable ride, whilst gently lowering the Mazda MPS ride height.

DIY Price £195.00, fitting charge £395.00, including a full geometry setup.

BBR Mk2 Mazda 3 MPS Specification Koni adjustable dampers

BBR has found that many of its Mazda MPS clients have reported the rough and bumpy ride on the Mazda MPS is far from enjoyable on longer journeys and compromises handling in many fast road situations. BBR’s solution is to install a set of adjustable BBR spec Koni dampers that are compatible with either the standard MPS springs or BBR’s own performance spring set.

DIY Price £795.00, fitting charge £300.00, including full geometry setup. Prices exclude VAT.