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BBR '320' - Mk2 Mazda 3 / Mazda 6 MPS

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BBR MK2 Mazda 3 / 6 MPS Phase Two ‘320’

(2.3-litre DSi Turbo Engine models only) 318bhp & 370lb.ft




For enthusiasts seeking more performance, BBR’s Phase Two package provides a sensational upgrade for Mazda 3 / Mazda 6 MPS owners at an affordable price.

To extract the Phase 2’s extra performance BBR undertook an intensive development program on the Mazda 3 MPS’s 2.3-DSI engine to highlight any inherent performance restrictions and compromises. During testing and development BBR discovered that the stock Mazda fuel pump reached the limits of its flow at approximately 300 bhp so this is modified with high flow internals to increase fuel flow without any drop in pressure.

Key components of BBR’s Phase Two Conversion include:-

  • BBR’s Phase One upgrade
  • A BBR spec High flow fuel pump – the standard Mazda 2.3 DSI high pressure fuel pump is removed, disassembled and cleaned, the standard unit is reassembled with the addition of BBR’s high flow internals and unit reinstalled – retaining the standard visual appearance but with much higher performance.
  • A BBR High Flow inlet hose set – a complete set of high flow replacement hoses are included, removing Mazda’s inherent flow restrictions and allowing greater flow to the turbocharger.
  • A BBR high flow exhaust downpipe with sports cat – a complete downpipe section including sports catalyst, produced from highest quality aircraft grade stainless steel ensuring a perfect fit and consistent high flow.
  • A high flow filter – BBR specifies a ‘drop in’ performance air filter, which improves inlet airflow, increases throttle response and comes with a million mile warranty.


The MPS’s standard, airflow restrictive turbo inlet hoses are replaced with high flow, cast aluminium/silicon versions specifically designed to withstand higher boost levels without deformation. To optimise inlet flow and provide superior filtration BBR replaces the stock paper airbox element with a high flow performance filter.

To improve exhaust breathing the restrictive standard Mazda MPS turbo downpipe, pre-catalyst and main catalytic converter are replaced with a BBR 3 inch stainless steel downpipe incorporating a sports catalyst (thus retaining emissions legality). For customers seeking a sportier exhaust note a BBR stainless steel cat back exhaust system is available as an option to complement the Phase 2 upgrade.

In conjunction with the BBR Phase 2’s mechanical modifications a custom mapped BBR Star Chip is installed to extract the maximum safe power from the original Mazda MPS turbo charger.

The end results are, even by BBR’s high standards, quite exceptional, with a dyno proven peak power output of 318 bhp (320 PS) being recorded and over 300 bhp available between 4300 and 6200 rpm.

BBR’s work on improving the driveability of the Mk2 Mazda 3 MPS is also highlighted in the Phase 2 upgraded car’s sensational torque output, which reaches a supercar troubling peak of 370 lb.ft at just 3800 rpm. Over 340 lb.ft is available from the Phase 2 converted Mk2 Mazda 3 MPS between 3100 – 4900 rpm, highlighting the flexibility of the BBR upgrade.

BBR MPS Phase Two Power 318 bhp @ 6580 RPM

BBR MPS Phase Two Torque 370 ft/lbs @ 3900-4300 RPM


BBR Mk2 Mazda 3 MPS Performance Spring set

In order to compliment BBR’s range of engine upgrades for the Mk2 3 MPS, BBR has developed its own suspension upgrades designed to improve the Mazda’s chassis dynamics both on road and track. Careful development and testing by BBR has resulted in a set of performance springs which are designed to work with the car’s existing standard dampers, or BBR’s adjustable dampers for a more comfortable ride, whilst gently lowering the Mazda MPS ride height.

DIY Price £195.00, fitting charge £395.00, including a full geometry setup.

BBR Mk2 Mazda 3 MPS Specification Koni adjustable dampers

BBR has found that many of its Mazda MPS clients have reported the rough and bumpy ride on the Mazda MPS is far from enjoyable on longer journeys and compromises handling in many fast road situations. BBR’s solution is to install a set of adjustable BBR spec Koni dampers that are compatible with either the standard MPS springs or BBR’s own performance spring set.

DIY Price £795.00, fitting charge £300.00, including full geometry setup.

A 3 inch diameter cat back stainless steel exhaust system is available for a further £495.

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