Mazdaedit Instructions

Thank you for your purchase of a BBR DIY StarChip for the Mazda SkyActiv range of vehicles. The instructions below are a guide for initial registration of the software, rom reading, rom programming and logging. These are broken into the following sections:


MazdaEdit Registration

MazdaEdit Rom File Reading

MazdaEdit Rom File Programming

MazdaEdit Rom File Logging

MazdaEdit Registration

There are two registration steps – you are required to do this only once.

Downloading, installing and registering software

Please note the software will be registered to one PC only. (make sure this is your own PC that will be kept long term) Registration to a second PC will incur further costs!
  1. Download and install programming cable drivers from:
  2. Download and install programming software from (leave all default parameters selected and accept the agreement):
  3. When clicking Finish upon installation, mazdaEdit will launch. A “Key Required” window will open please click “OK”. A new window will open displaying your Hardware fingerprint (shown below) please submit the following details in an email to

Full Name

Vehicle model and year along with any mechanical modifications

Hardware fingerprint

Vehicle VIN number

  1. Upon receiving your registration Key information from BBR please copy and paste name and key into the boxes required and click OK.

Hardware Registration

Registration of your programming hardware and VIN

  1. With the software open and programming hardware connected click on Help – Device Link… A new window will open displaying your Device info (shown below) please submit the device info in an email to

  1. Upon receiving your Device Key information from BBR please copy and paste the key into the required box and click OK.
  2. Repeat this step to register your vehicles VIN number with the VIN key provided. Click on Help – VIN REGISTER, enter the key in the dialog box and click OK.

This completes the registration process. Please now refer to our ECU Reading and Programming instructions below.

Mazda SkyActiv Rom File Reading

Connect programming cable to your vehicles OBD, turn vehicles ignition on (do not start the engine) turn off head lights/air conditioning/radio etc. Open MazdaEdit.
  1. Open the flash utility as below:
  1. Read ROM file – For 2014-2019 models: select template “Mazda SkyActiv II Denso 2mb CAN ECU” and select “Options - Read ECU for epifanSoftware...”, follow onscreen instructions as directed. Should an “Errors Occurred” window pop up do not be alarmed this is due to an incorrect template. A number of Mazda vehicles also use a Mitsubishi ECU. Please change the template to “Mazda SkyActiv II Mitsubishi 2mb CAN ECU” and read. For 2019 on models (Miata/MX-5 ND2): select template “Mazda SkyActiv-III Denso Petrol ECU” please note reading the ROM will take approx. 40 minutes (this is only done once). When reading has begun the Flash Utility window will be displayed as below showing a countdown to completion of read at bottom right:
    1. Save your ROM file and email to – when reading is complete a window will pop up stating “The operation completed successfully. Turn ignition off” follow these instructions and select OK. Save your ROM file to a convenient location eg. My Documents by selecting the “Save read Flash memory to file” see window below:

To speed up the delivery of your BBR StarChip ROM file, Please save your ROM file as the following format before emailing to BBR: Software_vehicle_year_power, for the above example this will give a file name of PS6SEB_Mazda3_2017_120PS. 

Mazda SkyActiv Rom File Programming

Connect programming cable to your vehicles OBD, turn vehicles ignition on (do not start the engine) turn off head lights/air conditioning/radio etc. Open MazdaEdit. Open the flash utility (identical to ROM file reading).
  1. Open ROM file as sent by BBR – Select “Open ECU ROM image file” as shown below:

    Note: should an error message display "Can't find map description for ********* Please make request description to epifansoftware" Simply uninstall and reinstall MazdaEdit software (this is a new previously unseen ROM not supported by your current software version).

  1. Programme BBR StarChip to ECU – Using the same template for successful ROM reading Select “Write to ECU’s flash memory” as shown below follow instructions as directed.

Mazda SkyActiv Rom File Logging

Mazda Edit Logging - Upon installation of your BBR StarChip, a log file can be submitted to BBR for validation of the tuned software. Please follow the instructions below and email across your logs to

  1. Open Mazda 2nd gen CAN Logger from the main tool bar:

  1. Connect to ECU – Ensure OBD plug is connected and engine is running:

  1. Auto ECU – Select:

  1. Logging – Please ensure (as well as the default parameters) that Accelerator Angle (main) (%) and Throttle position 1 (%) are selected. To add additional parameters select show all and add a tick to any parameters required:

  1. Log Data to File – Click 'Log Data to File' to begin and stop logging. BBR require a full throttle log in 3rd gear or higher from 2000RPM to the rev limiter:

  1. Opening log file, select Open Last Log File:

  1. Viewing log file, the log file may now be viewed and saved in a convenient location to email to BBR: