VW Golf GTI Morego 250

VW Golf GTI Morego 250

EVO - March '06

Keenly priced 252bhp upgrade electrifies the Golf!

‘Based on the outskirts of Brackley, Morego is a relatively new name in the tuning game, but don’t be fooled. Morego, you see, hails from the Dave Brodie stable, and if ever there was a man who knows about these things it”s Brodie. He has decades of re-engineering experience to fall back on,and reckons the 250 recalibration has turned the Golf GTI into one of his favourite road cars – quite a statement from a man used to racing 500bhp Sierra Cosworths.

The conversion is straightforward in that it includes only a new stainless steel exhaust and a custom-mapped chip, but the performance gains are impressive. Power rises to 252bhp at 5600rpm, while torque climbs to a hearty 269lbft at 2800rpm, representing a healthy 30 per cent increase over the stock GTI. Squeeze the throttle in any gear, at any speed, and the Morego lunges forward with the kind of aggressive surge that takes you slightly by surprise. Response is always instantaneous – just a millimetre of pedal travel is enough for the torque to swell and the Golf to leap forward.

Three different throttle response maps are available and this car has the most hard-hitting option fitted. We reckon it’s spot-on. It gives the Golf a much more attacking nature and, when combined with the DSG gearbox fitted to this demo car, its hard to resist the urge to drive flat-out everywhere. Flick the right-hand paddle and each urgent upshift is accompanied by a satisfying whump! from the new twin tailpipes, while the rate of acceleration continues undiminished, even deep into three figures.

It says a lot about the Golf’s chassis that it transmits all that power to the road while still sporting the standard 17-inch rims. Switch out ESP and with a heavy right foot on a slippery road it”ll easily spin up the inside front tyre,but exercise a little restraint or wait until it’s dry and the 250 bites impressively hard and fires itself out of the tightest of turns. Grip is an appropriate match for the grunt, allowing you to get stuck into some very rapid, and smooth,cross-country travel.

It”s not solely down to VW though. Morego has had a hand in it too, fitting its ‘Power Grip’ suspension kit, which lowers the ride height by 10mm and adds 1.75 degrees of negative camber to the standard Golf’s more neutral stance. Somewhat unexpectedly, the ride is still more supple than the standard car on the optional 18-inch wheels, soaking up mid-corner bumps without breaking its stride; it just gets on with the job of going fast.

On the road the steering reaction is similar to that of the regular GTI, but on track turn-in is notably sharper, making it easier to hustle the Golf towards the apex and carry more speed, even on cold, damp tarmac. Conditions at the Bedford Autodrome were too poor to record any meaningful data, but we expect it would improve considerably on the GTI’s time both in the turns and down the straights. Morego offers cover for the components  affected by the conversion for £150 per year. The chip and exhaust cost a grand (give or take 5p) fully fitted, while the suspension kit is a further £495. We reckon it’s money well spent.

Further details can be found at www.morego.co.uk.’

Roger Green, evo Magazine.


In-line 4-cyl, 1984cc, 16v, turbo
Max power 252bhp @ 5600rpm
Max torque 269lb ft @ 2800rpm
Top speed 155mph (estimate)
0-60mph 6.0sec (estimate)
Price Exhaust and chip £1000, fitted
On sale Now www.morego.co.uk

evo Rating – 5 Star
Huge punch, chassis keeps up
Severley tests your self restraint

BBR’s say:

David Brodie: ‘I have been tuning road cars for over 30 years, the MKV Golf fitted with DSG gearbox and our 250 engine and suspension conversion is the finest hatch back I have driven since the mid 80’s Mitsubishi colt turbo (modified by BBR). I have waited a very long time to find a better hatchback, thanks evo for your rare five star rating.’

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