Tuned MK5 GTIs

Tuned MK5 GTIs

VW Golf Plus - May '06

Tuned MK5 GTIs

Morego’s take on the MK5 GTi makes good use of the DSG ‘box – helping it to a 6.4secs 0-60!

Eons ago, when the Mk1 and Mk2 were hot to trot, Dave Brodie’s GTI Engineering concern was the Golf GTI tuner. Fast forward roughly 20 years and ‘Brodie’s’ tuning wares and expertise are now marketed through Brackley-based Morego, which was quick out of the box to offer a tweaked GTI.

Given that track record you’d expect Morego’s effort to stand out – and the reality didn’t disappoint.

Pete: ‘Damp concrete and a DSG gearbox made for a ‘treading on eggshells’ approach to launch throttle openings, otherwise the needle banged off the rev-limiter in first and second gears. That said, the figures were on the money right away; straight out of the box I clocked a 6.6 second 0-60, which was eclipsed by another two-tenths later in the day.’

‘Crisp, smooth, with a mighty, lusty mid-range, its been mapped into a progressive, powerful, hiccup-free treat with much greater firepower than standard. Even with DSG, the crisp throttle response and fleet paddle shifters made for fun circuit lapping, heightened by Morego’s well-judged suspension tweaks.’

‘On this evidence it seems, in a roundabout way, the firm that started the whole GTI tuning thing more than 20 years ago has just restarted it all, as this was the nicest engine tune of our test.’

Fab: ‘Seamless torque and oodles of power made the most of the ingenious double-clutch DSG, ever widening the gap of ‘gearshift to drivetrain jolt’ between it and ‘lesser’ single-clutch automated manual gearboxes – thank God. Near-standard suspension does the trick (depending on your track day type and regularity). Perhaps a brake-pad upgrade?’

Jim: ‘Progressive, smooth, effortless power that rockets you along that you barrel into a corner carrying almost too much speed, the seamless drive of the DSG ‘box adding to the appeal. Morego suspension tweaks lower the front of the car by 10mm and include 1.5° of additional negative camber on the front wheels for pin-sharp turn-in and power-out.’

‘Not there was anything wrong with the Awesome car, its just that Jim found the Morego package a better deal for the money.’

Cars tested in article:

Morego 250 – 256bhp, 269Ib/ft – £995

West tuning – 271bhp, 330Ib/ft – £1743.75

Awesome Performance – 265bhp, 280IB/ft – £1904.20
(all prices, power figures and prices as supplied by the tuners themselves)

Morego’s say:

Neil Mckay: ‘Highest Top speed, best 0-60 & 0-100 (and in the wet!!), very pleased with this result and with being the only trouble/problem free car on test day. Thanks to Golf+ for putting together the article.’


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