The very first UK modified MX-5 ND race car, tuned by BBR!

The very first UK modified MX-5 ND race car, tuned by BBR!

BBR are extremely proud to have had the privilege of supporting the Mission motorsport ‘Art Car’ for the 2015 Race of Remembrance. We were delighted to have been able to assist Mission Motorsports in bringing the now well-known Mazda UK sponsored ‘Poppy Car’ up to speed. Providing the 1.5 ND MX-5 a good chance of challenging the 2.0L cars at the 1000km endurance race held at Anglesey circuit in November.

A standard MX-5 ND which has been turned into something much more purposeful by the team at Mission Motorsport was transported to BBR’s headquarters in Brackley just one day prior to the race! In the limited time available, we fitted a custom centre exit exhaust system, BBR optimised exhaust manifold with 2.5-inch diameter outlet, and a custom mapped BBR StarChip.

The BBR tuned ‘poppy car’ behaved faultlessly throughout the gruelling endurance race and was the only ND MX-5 that not only finished the race, but also lapping faster than many MK-3 race cars that were a class above.
On the car, James Webley who led Mission Motorsports team that turned the Mazda ND MX-5 into a race car commented:

“It was simply awesome to drive… Absolutely no mechanical problems and it went like the clappers, easily keeping up with the other 2.0L and the MK-3 MX-5s which were all a class above. It sat 7th overall at one point which is some achievement given the 45 cars on the grid, unfortunately we took some damage due to cars losing control which really set us back. Everyone loved the sound as it sounded like a race car, not like the other MX5s which had a quite manufactured sound to them and no one could believe it was a 1.5…”

James also went on to thank BBR’s director, Neil McKay:

“Again Neil a massive thank you from myself and the team as it really did end up being a special car, which I got to drive after my Alfa 75 blew a head gasket so I can tell you first hand it was a blast. You tuned and helped developed the very first 1.5L race car and the most successful MK-4 to race in Europe of 2015 (at the moment) so that’s a result.”

BBR is delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Missions Motorsports to develop the very first modified MX-5 ND race car that did not only offer outstanding performance, but also an exhilarating drive.

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