New plug and play ECU solution for Mazda MX-5 NA/NB models


BBR would like to announce a new plug and play ECU solution for Mazda MX-5 NA/NB models (1989-2005). At last we have a replacement ECU solution that combined with BBR mapping gives OEM idle and driveability.

From December 2015, we will be including the Motorsport Electronics ME221 ECU with all BBR turbocharged conversions. This is the latest plug and play engine management system for the MX-5. Small enough to fit in the original OEM ECU case maintaining the factory look that we like, but big on features and usability, including full VVT control for later MK2.5 models.

Removing the OEM ECU completely gives BBR many advantages. These include restrictive MAF removal on earlier models, far greater control of the engines fuel and ignition timing, and launch control. In addition, we can now even offer optional closed loop boost control! Despite this new improved development, prices of BBR’s NA/NB/MK1/MK2/MK2.5 MX-5 turbocharged conversions remain unchanged.

This is a great opportunity for existing BBR turbocharged clients to further upgrade their MX-5, which will produce further performance gains. Please contact us if you are interest in upgrading your existing BBR turbo.

ECUs are available for individual purchase, or we are also happy to supply/fit/map this ECU for 3rd party turbo/supercharged conversions. Alternatively, let us get the best possible tune for your normally aspirated modified motor!