BBR unveils engine and chassis tuning program for 1.5 and 2.0-litre MX-5/Miata ND

BBR unveils engine and chassis tuning program for 1.5 and 2.0-litre MX-5/Miata ND

Mazda performance legend, BBR, unveils engine and chassis tuning program for latest 1.5 and 2.0-litre MX-5 / Miata ND / MK4 models


  • New BBR upgrades are designed for both 1.5 and 2.0-litre variants of the latest ND model
  • ‘Super 160’ upgrade is purpose designed for smaller 1.5-litre variant of the new MX-5
  • Either 177bhp from ‘Super 175+’ package or over 190bhp available from ‘Super 190’ upgrade for range topping 2.0-litre MX-5 ND model
  • Each conversion uses non-intrusive tuning techniques, is fully reversible, completely MOT emissions compliant and retains the Mazda factory electronic fail safes
  • Full range of ND variant dynamic braking and suspension upgrades also launched for enthusiast market

Brackley, December 1st 2015

Long standing Brackley based Mazda tuning specialist, BBR, is delighted to launch its first much anticipated engine, suspension and brake upgrade packages for the latest ND versions of the ever popular MX-5 sports car. Upgrades have been designed to deliver the driving excitement that Mazda enthusiast community seeks.

Resulting from many months of intense research and development on the all-new Mazda SkyActiv engine, BBR’s ‘Super 160’ for the 1.5-litre models, as well as ‘Super 175+’ and ‘Super 190’ for the larger 2.0-litre, deliver astonishing power gains across the rev range with no loss of driveability.

“Although the ND version of the MX-5 has only been officially launched three months ago, BBR’s tuning program on the SkyActiv engine began last year with our 2.0-litre Mazda 3,” says BBR’s Director, Neil McKay. “Our technicians used the Mazda 3 Skyactiv for initial development – particularly on the ECU requirements – which gave BBR a significant head start with the detail work on enhancing the new MX-5 platform’s engines. Even so, we are pleasantly surprised by just how tunable the new MX-5 is compared to the previous NC model,” he continues.


BBR Super 160 (1.5-litre ND model)  + 20bhp & 15lb.ft

The entry level upgrades in BBR’s new range, the Super 160 and the Super 175+ both feature exclusive, in-house developed BBR Starchip ECU software upgrades. Camshaft, ignition timing and fueling are optimised across the entire rev range, which when combined with a raised rev-limit, delivers astonishing power gains from tickover to redline.

Despite its small capacity, with BBR’s Super 160 package installed, the 1.5-litre version of the ND shows power gains of 21 bhp at peak with a maximum of 158bhp available at 7450rpm. Torque increases are similarly impressive with an additional 15lb.ft on tap at just 4700rpm, making the BBR upgrade 1.5-litre machine easier and faster to drive, right up to the 7700rpm limiter.



BBR Super 175+ (2.0-litre ND model) + 17bhp & 10lb.ft
BBR’s new Super 175+ package for the flagship 2.0-litre Mazda MX-5 ND models delivers worthwhile performance and driveability improvements at a highly affordable cost. Like the Super 160 for the 1.5-litre version, the core of the new Super 175+ is BBR’s exclusive Starchip ECU software, which optimises a number of engine parameters to enable maximum performance whilst retaining the factory Mazda fail safes.

Post conversion, the BBR Super 175+ equipped car benefits from an extra 17bhp (to a maximum of 177 bhp) with an additional 17 bhp on tap at 6800rpm. This revised power curve makes the BBR Super 175+ feel much keener and willing at higher engine revs. Meanwhile the enhanced torque characteristics transform driveability all the way from tickover right up to the raised 7100rpm rev limiter.

Both the BBR Super 160 and the Super 175+ are now available for all variants of the Mazda MX-5 ND 2015 MY onwards. Available at £495.00 including installation and before/after dyno testing at BBR’s Brackley premises. A DIY version – supplied with programming/diagnostic software and OBD lead is also available at £595.00.


BBR Super 190 (2.0-litre ND models only) +30bhp & 24lb.ft
The Super 190 upgrade is suited to the flagship 2.0-litre Mazda MX-5 ND models and has been designed for complete forward compatibility with further BBR engine upgrades that will be launched in 2016.


Key components of the BBR Super 190 include:-

“The Super 190 builds on the entry level upgrade by improving the inlet and exhaust efficiency of the Skyactiv engine, whilst retaining full MOT compliance and everyday usability. In particular at motorway speeds, where exhaust noise is often an issue,” says BBR’s Neil Mckay.

As its name suggests, the BBR Super 190 produces a stunning 190bhp at 6700rpm (30bhp more than the stock 2.0-litre ND) which affords the sub 1000 kilo MX-5 scintillating performance, particularly at higher engine speeds.

The extra urge does not, however, compromise driveability. This is because the BBR Super 190 equipped 2.0-litre MX-5 produces an impressive 24lb.ft torque more than the standard car (up to a total of 176lb.ft) at just 3550 rpm, some 1400 revs lower than the stock engine. Crucially, a minimum of 150lb.ft of torque is always available from just 2500rpm to 6500rpm, highlighting the driveability of the Super 190 enhanced car which provides ample urge without troubling the gear lever.

Combined with the subtle but sporty note from the BBR 2.5-inch diameter high flow stainless steel exhaust system, the BBR 190 turns the 2.0-litre MX-5 ND into a real enthusiast’s car, making every drive an exciting experience.

Exclusively from BBR, the Super 190 is available now at £1995.00 fitted (including dyno testing). A DIY version (manifold supplied on an exchange basis), including programming/diagnostic software and OBD lead, is also available at £1795.00.

BBR Super 190 Options:

  • A lightweight BBR sports silencer is available as an optional extra, offering a 4kg saving over the standard BBR rear silencer. Noise levels are enhanced with this option at a reduced cost.
  • A BBR stainless steel 4-1 manifold is now available as an option for Super 190 customers. Installation yields a further 2 bhp of peak power. This option is targeted at BBR clients who will later upgrade to BBR’s normally aspirated stage 3 package.


BBR high performance dynamic springs

Although the ND model’s Bilstein shock absorbers are superior to those fitted to previous MX-5 models, the standard spring rates can produce excessive roll during spirited driving. To counter this, BBR has developed its own sports lowering springs, which combine a 30mm reduction in ride height with a progressive rising rate design, delivering the optimal combination of ride comfort and dynamic excellence.

Available now for all Mazda MX-5 ND variants at £495.00, including installation and a full laser geometry alignment session at BBR’s Brackley headquarters. The BBR high performance dynamic springs are also available for DIY fitment at £195.00.


BBR Mazda MX-5 ND Braking Upgrades

Designed to deliver superior outright retardation, particularly from cold, BBR offers a replacement set of high performance fast road/track day front brake pads, which has been developed in conjunction with one of Europe’s leading brake component specialists. This upgrade is available at £195.00 installed or £150.00 DIY.


BBR Mazda MX-5 Performance Wheel and Tyre packages:

BBR has a full range of lightweight alloy wheels and tyre packages available to order. This includes the OZ/Goodyear F1 combination as featured on BBR’s Super 190 demonstrator ND, which uses a wider offset and 215 section tyre for additional grip. Please contact BBR to discuss your individual requirements.


NOTE: All prices exclude UK VAT and shipping where applicable.

 CONTACT:  BBR GTi Ltd  Tel: + 44 (0) 1280 700700


NOTE TO EDITORS: BBR’s enhanced 2.0-litre MX-5 ND is available now for road test by appointment, featuring the full Super 190 engine upgrade, dynamic springs and braking upgrades. Please contact Neil Mckay at BBR GTI Ltd for more details.

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