BBR launches DIY MX-5 NC ‘Super 175’ upgrade

BBR launches DIY MX-5 NC ‘Super 175’ upgrade

Following BBR’s highly successful MX5 ‘Super 180’ upgrade BBR is pleased to announce an exciting engine tuning package for 2005 onwards MX-5 Mk3 / 3.5 models. Designed to meet the demand for a budget engine upgrade that delivers extra response, power, driveability and excitement.

The BBR’s DIY ‘Super 175’ upgrade for the 2.0i Mazda Mk3 / MK3.5 MX-5 consists of the following components:-

  • BBR stainless steel 4 into 1 exhaust manifold
  • BBR StarChip ECU remap and ProEcu hardware/software bundle

Whilst developing our MX5 ‘Super 180’ package it instantly became clear that changes to the standard manifold back exhaust system made no appreciable gain in power with the standard manifold in place. The standard MX5 manifold is by far the most restrictive part and most detrimental to power in the entire standard exhaust system. It is only when the standard manifold is changed that further power gains can be achieved by replacing the standard manifold back system.

Specifically developed for clients seeking a budget MX5 conversion, the BBR ‘Super 175’ upgrade can easily later be upgraded to our full Super 180′ package. Back to back dyno testing with the standard 158bhp 2.0i Mazda MX-5 shows that the BBR ‘Super 175’ gains a considerable 15bhp, taking peak power to a maximum of 172.6bhp at 6800 rpm. BBR has placed great emphasis on extracting more torque from the MX-5’s 16-valve powerplant to ensure that driveability and throttle response are superior to the standard car. The ‘Super 175’ equipped 2.0i MX-5 produces an impressive 20 Nm (14 lb.ft) more than the original, with peak torque of 155lb.ft arriving at just 4250rpm, some 750rpm lower than the stock car just like our full ‘Super 180’ conversion!

BBR ‘Super 175’ package is £1095.00 fully installed at BBR (excludes ProEcu hardware / software bundle), or £995.00 for BBR’s DIY version – BBR will refund £100.00 should customers elect to return the ProEcu hardware unit in good unmarked condition once BBR’s StarChip has been installed.

£995.00  VISIT SHOP

All NC Mk3 / Mk 3.5 / 1.8 / 2.0 Mazda MX-5 / Miata models.

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