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This immaculate BBR Stage One Turbo is amazingly the only 1.5 BBR turbo in the UK! The best of both worlds, 1.5 economy and rev-free nature with more power than any ND MX-5 other than the BBR 2.0 turbo.

With only 12,000 miles on the clock this beautiful top of the range sport-nav is in exceptional condition, owned by ourselves for the past 14 months with just one previous owner.

A great colour combination with Crystal White Pearlescent paintwork and Sand Leather interior making this stand out from the norm. A complete performance package with enhanced handling and braking to much the highly addictive BBR turbo power.

This MX-5 has the following BBR enhancements totaling £7506:

Mileage: 12,800

Price: £SOLD


Hi Dave, Thank you for your interest. We offer 12 months warranty with all supplied vehicles, this 1.5 Turbo has covered approx 3000 miles converted. Yes the vehicle will has been used hard but will have been used mechanical sympathy, warmed up before hard use and cooled in the proper manner. We have no reason to believe this is not good for a 100,000 miles!

BBR GTi @ 2018-12-22 09:12:52 +0000


i own the ex Super225 (true red NCFL ST, downgraded to Super200 before sale), 84000+ miles now, it drives really well.


Philippe Neveu @ 2018-12-22 09:12:52 +0000

Hi – I am looking to import this vehicle to Pakistan. Do you think you can help me with the logistics since I am based out of Pakistan? After payment of course. Is the price negotiable? Here in Pakistan custom tariff is imposed based on engine displacement hence I am keen on the 1.5 but want more power at the same time. In Pakistan, almost all cars are imported from Japan but since I am unable to find bbr gti 1.5 in Japan I am looking at cars in UK. Your support will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
- a fellow enthusiast

Muhammad Randhawa @ 2018-12-22 09:12:52 +0000

I am in the market for something special and come across your 1.5 turbo

I appreciate what you company does and was thinking of getting a 1.5 or 2.0 litre then sending it to you

How hard has this one been treated. I assume it’s your demo/press car, so been pushed hard by everyone who has sat in it.

How many miles has it done since upgraded and what warrantee etc are you offering?

David Oakes @ 2018-12-22 09:12:51 +0000


Does this car with a full MoT, service history, how warn are things like brake pads? What year is it please?


David @ 2018-12-22 09:12:52 +0000