Rota�Option - 3 SkyActiv | RX-8
Aggressive fitments, excellent brake clearance and a motorsport look. Stud Pattern: 5x114mm
Rota�P1 - 3 SkyActiv | RX-8
The lightest 18� wheel in our Rota range, the P1 is a must for performance enthusiasts. Just 8.16kg in 18x8�...
Rota�P1R - 3 SkyActiv | RX-8
As seen on top drift team 'Genetic Drifters' in the BDC and every other competition they can find, the P1R...
Rota�Reeve - 3 SkyActiv | RX-8
Brand new for 2016 - the 18" Reeve is a fresh take on a classic design, the motorsport look is...
Rota�Slip - 3 SkyActiv | RX-8
The most popular wheel in the Rota Lightweight range, the Slipstream is popular with a massive variety of cars. Stud...
SKYACTIV-G Forged Connecting Rods
A must for any high power 2.0 SkyActiv! BBR has teamed up with a leading European piston and connecting rod...