Rota Titan - 3 SkyActiv | RX-8
Lightweight, multi-spoke, concave in even narrow sizes, the Titan is the ideal choice for anybody needing a modest offset and...
Rota Torque - 3 SkyActiv | RX-8
The twin 5-spoke design of the Torque looks at home on everything from Mitsubishi Evos to Honda Civics, and everywhere...
Rota�Boost - 3 SkyActiv | RX-8
The Rota boost is one of the strongest and lightest of all the Rota wheels. Simple Japanese track styling, make...
Rota�Fight - 3 SkyActiv | RX-8
8 or 10 spokes depending on the PCD, the Fighter fits many cars well. Lightweight with excellent brake clearance and...
Rota�GR6 - 3 SkyActiv | RX-8
Part of the 2012 range, the GR6 sits nicely in the standard arches of all of the aforementioned cars and...
Rota�Option - 3 SkyActiv | RX-8
Aggressive fitments, excellent brake clearance and a motorsport look. Stud Pattern: 5x114mm